Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Three Sons

I am 6 months pregnant with another baby of the male persuasion! It seems that   we must know what we are doing in that area. This time around has been a bit harder than the first two, being as I have a very full plate. I have been much more tired and plagued with more of the negative symptoms of my condition than before.

   We were not expecting another baby so late in the game, especially considered that our youngest will start school the very month this new little one will make his entrance. No rest for the weary. :) That's not to say that we aren't thrilled... now. The first week or so was spent reminding us of how much work goes into the rearing of a baby. Two hour feedings, another car seat, another chair at the table! We soon realized though, that having a baby around is so much fun and well worth the downsides that goes along with it. The sweet smell of their heads, the first smiles and laughs, the promise.

The name situation, however, is another story. What are we going to name this newest member? What will we name him that will carry him into the future? My mistake was made when I told Joe early on that if it was a boy, he would get to name him this time. Then I remembered... he has always liked the name Daschell. What have I done? Will he be strong enough to carry such a name? Will it be perpetually mispronounced? Where is my strong Christian name? We have made a compromise... I think. Dashchell will be his middle name. The first name is still being considered. These are the top contenders.


Right now, I'm daydreaming. Will he look like his brothers? What will he do to make me laugh? What new dynamic do I have to look forward to? The one thing I know for sure... I love him already.

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