Monday, September 7, 2009

Let's talk about Race

 A response of mine to a forum on the President's healthcare policy.

I just hate this feeling of walking down the street and noticing color again. I hold the door open for someone and I think, "Does she hate my race?" I see underground videos of people like Van Jones and reverend Wright and countless others and it shocks me to know that they hide these deep seated feelings of resentment. I'm not saying that I don't understand, but I guess thats the point. I can never truly understand. I just think that harboring resentment is only letting it boil up inside of a person to the bitter end and it gets us nowhere. 

What I am trying to say is this. When a black man such as Van Jones says that the white man owes those that he oppressed, he is not saying that "all men are created equal" He is saying that The white man is to become the slave and the black (indian, hispanic, chinese) man the oppressor. Revenge is an ugly thing and needs to be set aside to make this a better world. Is that what Martin Luther King would have wanted? Is that what he meant by "I have a dream?" Does that sound like what Kennedy meant in his definition of a liberal? "Someone who looks ahead and not behind?" I don't want my sons to pay for the sins of the grandfather twice removed. I don't want them to see color as they walk down the street.  

So stop letting our representatives turn this into something racial. It isn't. And that is only used to incite anger. That is not change or hope for a better world. Believe me if they are allowed to do this to me, they will be allowed to do this to you.