Thursday, January 17, 2008

He's no Prince Charming...

... and I'm definately not Cinderella!
Our fourteenth anniversary is coming up in a few weeks and I always take the time to reflect on where we are in our relationship. Love ISN'T a fairy tale. I'm not saying this in disrespect of our relationship. Just the opposite, in fact. The truth is, it isn't always perfect. We sometimes take each other for granted. HE doesn't pick up his socks and I am terrible at getting the laundry done (or the dishes, in fact).WE are both too easily frustrated with our kids. (Poor kids) HE can't make a plan to save his life. I can't take out the trash.

That being said, I love him. Like a love song. It is such a give and take thing and sometimes its a love and hate thing. Our lives are wrapped up in each other. Everything we've been through, we've been through together. Its beautiful to step back and see everything woven together, as it was meant to be. The ups and downs and always having someone to look to in those moments of despair. I hope my kids see that their Daddy, dirty socks and all, is THE love of my life.

Reason # 10,000

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What did you do all day today, honey?

Sometimes, when Joe gets home from work, he likes to ask me how my day was. Not in the form of "Did you survive?",but in the form of "Honey, what did you do today?"

For some reason, I always take this to be a negative statement.
What I hear is " They are only two little boys,
Why isn't dinner ready?,
Are those really your pajamas?

I realize as he asks this question, that I can't really answer,yet I am exhausted from something.

What did I do today?

Joes out fishing today, so I've decided to play a little game.
Instead of mindlessly picking up all the little messes that occur during my day, I am going to let them accumulate and then
I am going to take pictures of them when normally I would pick up, mop up, or vacuum said mess.

<span class= I will also try to avoid the word NO unless there is impending danger. I intend to do this until right after lunch and Daniel's down for a nap.

It all started with a box of Trix that Matthew helped Daniel obtain by standing on the

<span class=They then proceeded to carry them to the living room, whereupon, Daniel decides that they are better eaten straight off the floor, thereby turning the full box of said cereal over, spilling all of it's contents onto my carpet.

Daniel looks up at me and says "mess"

 OK, this is going to be easier than I thought, harder too, because I have to somehow
manage to keep the boys from smashing cereal into the carpet without saying NO.

Not that That ever works anyway...

<span class=

So I decide I will begin lunch quickly. Walking into the living room, I notice that Daniel has once again pulled everything out of the TV cabinet.  

I direct Daniel into the kitchen as I cook. Daniel steps into the refrigerator (yes, I said into) and retrieves two puddings and a holey serving spoon from the drawer. He never manages to grab a normal spoon. (Last week, I found him sitting in the middle of a dozen eggs. He looks up at me and says "mess")

Lunch (raviolis with red sauce anyone?) is served. Mess is made, coke is spilled and yea, I made it!

<span class= I have to draw the line at putting Daniel in his bed covered in red sauce, so I hose him down, give him a kiss and carry him into his bedroom, stepping over a million toys (and don't forget the Trix) on the way.

I change his diaper Again (don't ask) and put him to bed.

I know, you're thinking there seems to be a whole lot of Daniel and very little Matthew. That's true, however, the Halloween costume and toys laying on the floor was from Matt just last night right before bed (I didn't even bother). The shoes right in front of the couch, Joe's.

<span class=

Mind you, I make my own messes, but that isn't the topic today, is it?

Ok, well, I have a living room to clean.

<span class= Oh, and all this reminds me that I really, really love my boys.
My dirty, smelly, messy, silly, sweet, little boys.

So thats what I do all day, honey.
The living room is clean, just as daniel wakes up,
but the kitchen...