Thursday, January 17, 2008

He's no Prince Charming...

... and I'm definately not Cinderella!
Our fourteenth anniversary is coming up in a few weeks and I always take the time to reflect on where we are in our relationship. Love ISN'T a fairy tale. I'm not saying this in disrespect of our relationship. Just the opposite, in fact. The truth is, it isn't always perfect. We sometimes take each other for granted. HE doesn't pick up his socks and I am terrible at getting the laundry done (or the dishes, in fact).WE are both too easily frustrated with our kids. (Poor kids) HE can't make a plan to save his life. I can't take out the trash.

That being said, I love him. Like a love song. It is such a give and take thing and sometimes its a love and hate thing. Our lives are wrapped up in each other. Everything we've been through, we've been through together. Its beautiful to step back and see everything woven together, as it was meant to be. The ups and downs and always having someone to look to in those moments of despair. I hope my kids see that their Daddy, dirty socks and all, is THE love of my life.

Reason # 10,000

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