Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our Lucky Number 13 Anniversary

It will be thirteen years since we promised to Love, Honor and Cherish (Obey, Hah). There has been sickness and health, richer and poorer , but through it all, I love him more now than ever.

Just this week, with my moms memorial, I realize how much Joe does for our little family. He has been my rock through the years and this week was no exception. He arranged my moms roses when I didn't have the strength to face the task. They were perfection, honoring mom and in turn honoring the relationship that she had with Joe. There was so much that he has done to help me get through her passing that I can't begin to write them all.

I have been flipping through all the letters that he has written over the years, to me, to our boys, and I am amazed at the depth of my feeling for him as I see the love he has for us. How is it that he can be so forgiving when I'm not on my best behavior? How can he look past my many flaws as if I were flawless?

He is also an amazing daddy to our two little men, teaching them all that they need to know as they grow in his image. Teaching them love , respect, and the importance of hard work, yet the value of family time.

I am quite lucky to have him as my partner. Walking beside me through all that life may throw at us.