Saturday, August 7, 2010

Autumn: The Season Between Summer and Winter

After Springtime, Autumn is my favorite season. Of course, living in Texas, neither is as long as it should be so I have to be diligent and 
work hard at enjoying every single second. This autumn will be spent nurturing our newest family member being as his due-date is mid-September, so I'm posting past memories and a few new ones I'd like to make.

Matthew 2 years old
Mommy's moment of Genius

My Gentleman Pirate
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  1. Love this post, Kim. Autumn is my favorite season and there are so many wonderful things to see and do during that time. I'm so excited about your new little boy coming soon. Better start working on Dash's Halloween costume. :)

  2. Than You! Seriously... how cute are those black and red apples? Dash... OMG, he'll only be a month old or so! Time to start playing the before Dash after Dash game now. :)