Friday, July 2, 2010

Brotherly Love

My boys come up to me in their pajamas every night and plant a big kiss on my baby bump, without any prompting from us. This small gesture of love from the two boys that constantly fight one another lets me know that all is right with the World. It gives me hope that, not only will they love this new son and brother with all they have, but will also help them find love and understanding for one another.

Matthew, most of all, is being amazing about Jacob. He loves touching my tummy and feeling him move. He loves to hear stories about how he moved just like Jacob, especially when I did yoga. How I would place my tummy close to his dads back as we slept, just so he could feel him as I did. He brings me healthy snacks and pillows and leans his head down to talk to Jacob, brother to brother. I am shocked by this amazing turn of events. I am grateful for this beautiful gift of an adoring big brother. I cried when I first told Matthew that we were having another new baby. He was the one that I dreaded telling the most. My firstborn son never took to being a big brother easily, enjoying being in our spotlight as he had until that point. He got into trouble on many occasion... for sneaking into newborn Daniels room and waking him, just to see him stretch. He loves Daniel but there was always an intense rivalry for our affections, so I was anxious to say the least.

Daniel is excited too, but for very different reasons. He is quite ready to pass on the title of "little brother" to the next victim...err, baby. This is further proof that he is getting bigger and that is his only wish. He likes to run into the living room and tell his dad and brother that "mommy has the baby in the bedroom!" He thinks its so funny to "trick" them into thinking that Jacob just showed up, as if by stork. He likes to lay his head on my tummy and feel the baby kick him. Already he's picking fights. :) He is hesitant though, because he already feels the sting of a loss of attention. He gets upset that I can't pick him up from the shopping cart, or boost him to the top of the tree-house. Babies and toddlers scare him. They pinch him and toddle after him. They grab his toys and eat his food. They smell funny and cry and get held a lot. Thats okay though because I know my Daniel and he is up for the challenge.

As for me, I am looking forward to this new dynamic. How is it that three kids can have polar opposite personalities? Will Dash be more like his big brother M as he seems to be already? Will he surprise me and mimic Daniel? I know he will be his own little man and I am excited to get to know him. He is one lucky little brother.
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