Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Problem with American Socialism and Religion

Why ARE so many Americans against Socialism? Simply Put (at least for me)... Freedom of Religion.

 We are a nation founded upon the freedom of religion. Our constitution was written with Christian principals, while at the same time, respecting other religions and putting no religion over state.We have a very fair separation of church and state.... as long as we have smaller, well controlled government. The problem comes in when the modern interpretation becomes Freedom FROM Religion.  The problem comes in as we let government take over more and more industry.

 Take education for example. Government created the Department of Education in 1979. This was not a complete takeover, as local and state school boards are still designing curricula, but it was just enough to intrude upon such things as school prayer, holidays and politically correct school textbooks.  Almost immediately upon government taking over education, we had people demanding that Christianity be removed in any form, from our schools.

 Ask yourself.... Are our children better off without God? Is the dropout rate better without God? Are our children smarter... kinder without God? Are the test scores higher without God? Are families stronger without Him?

Now we have government assuming a very large role in healthcare. How long before Catholic hospitals are forced to A) close or B) perform abortion? How long before the chapels in hospitals are removed? How long before you are told that your pastor can't come in to pray over you because your bedside neighbor MAY be offended?

Financial Aid - How long before your religious affiliation plays a role in getting a loan. Sorry we don't give loans for someone wanting to study theology or Creationism. Sorry our Christian Quota has been met.

Auto Industry - How long before we are told that we can't express our faith with a symbol of Jesus? When a Co-Exist becomes a requirement.

Gay Marriage - How long before churches will be sued over refusing to perform gay marriages?  Two Catholic innkeepers are now being sued for refusal to room a couple.  As well as a church camp, who is now counter-suing. (I'd like to point out that I have nothing against gay unions. As a secular issue, they have a right to love whom they wish and a right to benefits of their partners. My problem comes in when it starts impeding on the rights of churches to stand by their convictions.) Who will Protect the Christians?

I have NO problem with the separation of church and state. It makes perfect sense when government stays within the confines of their constitutional duties, but as government starts taking over state roles and spreads across industries, my religion become less and less respected and more and more vilified. Socialism in my mind is a back door way of removing our faith.

I have read that the Wall of Separation only applies to government but as the government continues to overreach into more and more areas of industry what will that mean for our Faith? What does a socialist America mean to our religions and the freedom thereof?

When does Faith become Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

Think it can't happen? Think I'm over-reaching? Look at our schools. High school seniors are being told that they can't include God in commencement speeches. Teachers are being fired for prayer groups. Children are being suspended for crosses. There was a time when that couldn't happen either.

Remember this....
If we take God out of the founding... Then we no longer have inalienable rights. If there is no God to create free men then freedom is a myth. How convenient for a controlling government

Ok, This has been on my mind and I'm not sure if I am being very eloquent so if anyone can elaborate or clarify my thinking...


  1. I agree with what you say on each issue, but I afraid things are even less rosie than you paint them. Local school boards still have a say over what is taught locally, but most curriculum and text books are designed by the California Dept of Ed, who is the single largest buyer of school text book in the US. I live in CA (luckily my sons are in their mid 30s and my grandkids are home-schooled).

    My brother is a photographer in NH, and his best friend, also a photog, was sued by a gay couple for refusing to photograph their "wedding." I'm sure there are more outrages out there.

    Socialism is a religion ... it's just not recognized as such. I could write a much longer comment on this subject alone, but won't tonight. Maybe I'll write something on this at my blog in the near future!.

    BTW ... I like your blog!

  2. Al, Sorry I haven't responded sooner! My poor little blog doesn't get much attention from me these days as the kids keep me quite occupied. I agree with you COMPLETELY on socialism being a religion, as well as atheism. I'm going to hop on over to your blog now. Thanks again for the comment!

  3. Kim just so you know I really did read it:) If we apply any religion to the law.... what happens if the Christian religion is no longer the beliefs of the majority? How do we stop the flood once the dam is cracked? Do we say it's ok because we are the majority.... how are we any better that those that use their warped view of other religions to control other countries? This is Kevin G form FB:)