Saturday, November 22, 2008

Science Mayhem and Bookfair Humor

So this week I've spent volunteering at Matthews school book fair. Kid's are so funny. They will spend an hour trying to pick out a 45 cent pencil, get 5 cent's in change and want to know whhhyyy they can't buy the 10 dollar comic book. And if they have two dollars in change they will buy 1 bookmark at a time until every last spendable penny is spent. I love these kids. :)

Me to a first grader: Hi Calvin!
Calvin: Hi Matthews mom!
Me:Calvin, do you like super-heroes?
Calvin: No Ma'am
Me: Do you like animals?
Calvin: no ma'am
Me: How about a book on ScoobyDoo?
Calvin: No Ma'am
Me: Calvin, what do you like?
Calvin: Mushrooms...
Me: Calvin, buy Scooby Doo.
Calvin: Thanks Matthew's mom.

Then there's the one about the little girl and monopoly money....

Librarian to blond haired student returning a book: Honey did you enjoy this book?
Student: Yes ma'am, I did!
Librarian: Did you notice that it was is in Spanish?
Student: It was?!?

5 year old angel girl: My mommy want's me to buy a ms Patsy book
Me: Ms Patsy book, sweetheart? I don't think we have one. Did your mom want Ms Massy to help you maybe?
angel girl: My mommy says it's on the top shelf.
Me: Honey, your mommy will be in to work with me this afternoon. Maybe you should come back then and we'll ask her.
angel girl 5 minutes later: I remembered! My mommy want's me to buy Fancy Nancy!
Me: Yea! Here you go, Angel girl. You did so well remembering. :)

Meanwhile during the week, I did a science project for Matt's class. ( I'm a nerd) We put a raw egg in vinegar overnight in the teachers lounge. The next day, we examined the egg and the shell was completely dissolved, the egg being held together by the rubbery membrane. When you shook it, you could see the yolk move! Those of you who have been to my house at easter have seen this done. Anyway, the kids loved it. As I was leaving the classroom, I overheard all the kids telling Matthew that he had the Coolest Mom Ever. Now that, is better than a Nobel prize. Afterward, we put the egg into water and set it on the counter overnight. By the next day, the egg had expanded to at least twice the original size due to water absorbing into the membrane. Awesome. I just hope it doesn't explode until tomorrow, so they can see it. After all, you have to have an explosion to be a real scientist, or so the boys tell me. By the way, the teachers were not to crazy about the science experiment in their refrigerator.

After school, we took the boys to see Bolt. Funny, funny.
Bolt: Shh, there's the guard!
Hamster: I'll snap his neck.

I love being a mom.

P.S. Tomorrow is the Fallin for family festival from 10 to 2 at Matt's school. I think it's open to everyone and the book fair will be open if you're looking for Christmas presents. Come by.... Erin, this means you. :)

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