Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This election season, I am tired of hearing...

.. it's a womans body, she should have the right to do as she wishes about her reproductive organs. I am not talking about your reproductive organs when I say I am Pro-life (anti-choice, as planned parenthood refers to it). Remove them if you wish, That's your right, take a birth CONTROL pill, that's your right, abstain, that's your right. I will stand by my belief, however, that what an abortion does is end another life. It isn't your life that's removed after all, but that of another. Do not say it's a part of me, therefore it IS me and I can remove it as an appandage.

¶ Funny thing is, most pro choice abortion programs will try to use the Christian or religious definition of a soul to define when life begins. I don't think any scientist would deny that a human life begins when it has the ability to replicate it's cells, multiplying and growing. After 21 days, it's heart is pumping blood of it's own unique blood type, completely separate than that of the babies mother. All organs are in place soon thereafter. How much more "alive" can you get? Do not use God to define a life, then deny God has the right to create a life.

¶Then there is the standard, "If I were raped..." Less than 2 percent of abortions are done due to rape. Furthermore, there have been studies stating that victims of rape that chose to keep their babies actually fare better mentally because something good came out of a horrible situation. This isn't to say that I would EVER want to make that decision, nor do I think that abortion should be completely taken off the table completely. The problem is, if you only let rape victims have an abortion, then everyone becomes rape victims and innocent men will be sent to prison, therefore everyone should be able to have one.

¶The truth is, 90 percent of abortions are done as a lifestyle choice, meaning that the mom had sex, got pregnant, but did not want to BE pregnant. 1 in 4 pregnancy's end in abortion. That is 1.5 million abortions in the united states annually, only 20% of which are under 20, So stop blaming it on the teenagers. 47% are repeat abortions. Why, when birth control is so easy to obtain, are there so many women having lifestyle choice abortions?

¶ I know that abortion may have a place in our society, just don't try to define away what it is. Maybe it should be left of the table for those extreme and horrible situations. I wouldn't wish that decision on anyone and I do not condemn any woman who has made that decision. However it should, never, ever be of no consequence.

¶ What some pro choice advocates want in regards to expanding abortion: Abortions available to ANY age without parental consent. Is (or was) legal in 14 states Late term abortions as far as into the early 3rd trimester.

¶This is a good article link on the subject if you're interested. www.prolifephysicians.org

For a long time, I always assumed that it was a small problem, within a womans rights to make a responsible decision. When I started learning what the procedure involves, how many are being done, and the lengths that planned parenthood and similar organizations go to in order to continue the expansion, I became ashamed of not knowing what I thought I knew.

What upsets me the most is the attempt to devalue the mother and child bond during pregnancy. I knew within days, that I was pregnant both times. It drove my doctor crazy that I came in so quickly. They were people and my job was to grow them until they were ready to come into the world. To say they were not of value until they breathed their first breath is an insult to them, to me and to God. Planned parenthood gets infuriated when people bring up Scott and Lacey Peterson. They did not want to see him convicted of two murders because it undermined their claim that it was a fetus and not a baby. I could go on and on...

They are also adamant that a girl as young as thirteen should have an abortion without parental consent. What kind of world do we live in that a girl cannot get her ears pierced without consent, but abortion is ok? The important thing is to keep an open dialog and to understand the issue.

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